15 December, 2017

Elf Shenanigans

Day 12
Looking at my new Lego sets, we think he was homesick.

Day 13
He got in the decorations box again.  Pulled out the lights we didn't have on the tree & put them over the sliding door.  They both got a bit tangled though.

Day 14

The boys got their school reports.  
So the Elf did "Elf Reports".  They did OK I think.  

14 December, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Fabulous Holiday
  • A boy that settled in to the holiday easily after all.
  • Meeting my new nephew & the boys cousin.
  • Love & bonding with baby.
  • Spoiling baby.
  • Great experiences with the boys.  
  • Watching the excitement & awe on the boys faces.  

11 December, 2017

While You're Away...

Day 7

Day 8,9,10
Lazy sods.

Day 11

10 December, 2017

Fun Parks

My brother lives close to a really cool playground that includes a water play place & a giant swimming pool feed by sea water.  We had a play today in the morning without getting wet.  Went shopping again & the afternoon was spent playing in the water.  

Some more great memories & great family fun for all of us.  

09 December, 2017

Exploring the City

We had an outing into the city & to the amazing facility that is Southbank.  The boys could have stayed forever!  Beautiful things right there in the city.  Beach pools & water parks.  What more can you need in a place like that.  

A busy morning, with swimming & some shopping & then a visit to my cousin & the boys got another swim there in the pool.  Awesome family fun.

08 December, 2017

Action Packed!

We have had a great day at Movieworld.  Saw every character possible & the boys even went on a small roller-coaster! 

It was terrific fun!  Very memorable.  Meeting Scooby Do was definitely a highlight for them. 

From there, a drive to Dreamworld but only to visit the Lego shop which was tremendous & cost me a fortune.  But the boys are happy as kids with the biggest Lego sets on the planet!  One was actually very big & I had to carry it hand luggage home. 

They also got to make there own mini-figures which they loved!  I loved how they had professional packaging for them to make them super special! 

07 December, 2017

Off We Go!

It's not very often we go anywhere!  But well we are!  Off to Queesland we go!  

To see my brother's family!  My new nephew...