23 May, 2018

Paperless Post

We have become quite paperless with our correspondence.

It's a shame isn't it?  Particularly for a sucker like me.  I LOVE paper, stationery, note pads... you name it, if it's nice paper I will probably have some...

I do have a wooden chest of drawers that I have had since I was younger, that is now, solely full of paper, pads & stationery items.  If you need a paper clip, it's there.  If you need a staple it's there.  If you need a birthday card, it's there.  If you need lined paper, it's there.  If you need a key ring it's in there.   You get the idea right?  I love that stuff.

Things have changed though.  I used to write reams of letters by hand.  These days I can barely get a card sent on time.

I have found this cool website though!   It's fun!  I can still send cards & letters & invitations!  But I don't have to do it in the mail.  It's online!  All of it!

I still have the pleasure of picking the right card for someone.  Yay!  I can still write it & personalise it.

Check out Paperless Post!

I recently used it to send out some Mother's Day cards actually.  Not just cards to wish them a happy mother's day though.  The mum's were all coming to our house.  So I changed them & used them as a note to invite them to our place for lunch on Mother's Day.  So cute!  Much nicer than a plain old email.

It runs on coins though!  Handy really.  You pay a few real dollars for some coins.  You use your "banked" coins in your account to send your cards to your recipients.  Easy!  As long as you know the email address & these days everyone has one, you are set to share the love with everyone.  Your "postbox" in your account shows all the cards you have sent.  You can receive replies through there as well which is fun!  I might have to send a card to myself so I can reply to see how that works.  Hey!  Don't laugh.  I have imaginary friends just like the next kid!

I sent BJ a nice card on his email.  So many cute designs to pick from.  Actually it was stationery, so writing paper really.  A note.  Really cute!  Just type in your message & you are done with a couple of clicks.

It's going to come in really handy as birthday season hots up.  I think this is going to get quite a work out this site.  Don't forget to check it out!

Paperless Post!

18 May, 2018

Taking Stock - May

Making :  gifts of food.
Cooking :  trying to make a few biscuits or something to cut down on packaging on shop bought. 
Drinking :  Back to the coffee!
Reading:  The Real Katie Lavendar - Erica James
Trawling:  a lot of pointless stuff
Wanting:  Designated Survivor to not be cancelled.
Looking:   at new recipes to cook for those that need it.
Deciding:  how many of some things to make for the Mother's Day stall at school.
Wishing:    holidays went a little longer.
Enjoying:  Autumn days.
Waiting: for a weekend of nothing.
Liking: the dent made in the cotton yarn stash. 
Loving:  my dog.
Pondering:  that saying "What goes around comes around"...  over & over again it happens!  It really does.
Listening: to knitting podcasts
Considering:  other ideas to make for mother's day.
Buying:  not much.
Watching:  Designated Survivor.
Hoping:  Juneau is OK.
Marvelling:  at how quickly a dog recovers.  
Cringing: at suddenly my dog is old.
Needing:  to be with my dog.
Questioning: this mother thing
Smelling:  rain
Wearing:  hand knit socks.  It's that time of year!
Knowing:  I am meant to help people with stuff...  
Thinking:  i need to find birthday presents soon! 
Feeling:  cold a lot
Celebrating: our wedding anniversary
Embracing:  my dog.

17 May, 2018

Pillows Are Back!

It's been a little while since I have made a pillow.  It was quite nice to hit the sewing machine again though.  

We may get a couple of parties through the year that didn't get the pillow present last year.  That's a nice thought as I really don't know what to buy other kids these days.  

05 May, 2018


I had been procrastinating over these socks for a while now.  I did conk out on the sock front after the work window was done.

Then I had school fairs & sickness to deal with so was also in no frame of mind to think on them.

I must have been feeling better this week.  So "Elf in a Blender" socks are finally complete.  My friend called the yarn that.  It has stuck.  We both have our elf socks now, but hers are so different to mine in colour.  But they are fun.

Another Fish Lips Kiss heel.  Not a bad heel.  But I have to wear these ones now to see how I like the fit of it as so far I think I still prefer the fit of the after thought heel.

Socks #6 2018

19 April, 2018


A short spell out of the house on a gorgeous day during the holidays had us at the beach of all places.  This followed from a weekend of snow fall in the highlands of the state!  Crazy that it is, I found myself sitting on the beach with a new sock.

The boys had a bit of a play before some lunch that was meant to be park side, but the wasp population made us think otherwise...

16 April, 2018

Yarn, Pretty Yarn

At work we got this new range of yarn in.  Funny how I also find it at home then isn't it!  

I wound this one & boy it looks so different to the skein in was in.  I picked this out based on colours for a teacher.  Since I am so early, I might change my mind still but in the meantime I had to cast something on too.  

After a bit of debate in my head, I settled on a cowl that it knit on the bias.  It's clever.  It's been nice to hang out at home during the holidays with the boys & just sit & play games with them, or keep my girl company too while she is still recovering.  

07 April, 2018

This Happened Too

Before school finished for the term we had a last assembly.  DJ does surprise!  He received his class award for the term for "Respect".  That's pretty good if you ask me.  

The thing that followed wasn't quite such a happy thing.  My poor girl Juneau had to have an operation.  She had to have an eye removed.  It was pretty tough firstly leading up to it for us.  Then waiting for it to be done & then having her home recovering...  It's been pretty hard.  

But we are on the other side now & Juneau may have forgiven me a little.